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Tips To Buy Handphone
(tips beli ponsel)

Hi my friends and all visitors.How’s your life today?I hope you are not having any problem with your handphone.Handphone is very important tools,accessories or gadget nowadays.Without handphone our life seem not complete.

As we know every people have their own handphone.Many people have ability to have their own handphone because the price of handphone is affordable.Since the price is affordable people are easily change their handphone to the new one.

However do you know what are the tips to buy handphone?If you don’t know today I would like to share few number of tips on how to buy handphone.Actually many people didn’t bother or care about tips when they want to buy handphone.

The first thing that you must take into consideration before go to shopping mall or others to buy handphone is you must plan your buying activity.Before you go you must fixed the amount of money that you want to use to buy the handphone.

For your information by fixing your amount of money you can avoid over budget during you want to buy your handphone.You should ask yourself how much is your budget.Off course if your budget to buy handphone is big therefore you can dream to buy more expensive handphone with many function in it.

For example if your budget is just US300 therefore when you arrive at the handphone shop you would not spend more that US300.Let’s you find that handphone that the price is US400 you should not buy it even it is better than handphone that the price is US300.

Before you go to handphone shop you are also adviced to determine what type of handphone do you want to buy.You can determine what types of handphone tyou need by asking your friends,reading and surfing on internet.You can save much of your time if you plan your buying activity.

As we know there are many function on the handphone nowadays.Therefore to buy a handphone you should know what types of specification and brand of handphone you want to buy.

For example of function that you should consider is memory card , video , camera , GPRS , 3G and others.The more function you want the more cost you should spend to buy the handphone.All is up to you.If your budget is big therefore you can buy handphone with many function in it.

Other factor that you should consider is what are the purpose of you using the handphone.If you use handphone just to make a call and send SMS without use other function like video and others therefore you should buy handphone that allow you to call and sms only.

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