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Step By Step Installing XP into Acer Aspire One
(langkah-langkah menginstall window xp )

Although Linux OS such Ubuntu has good performance and lighter running
at Acer Aspire One than Windows operating system, but some users who
unfamiliar in Linux need to remove it from XP Aspire One. If you are
the one of them, especially if you do not have an external CD for your
Aspire One and want to remove Linux, at the first what you need are:

– Windows XP install disk.
– A USB mem stick, (mine is a 1gb)
– A copy of partition magic.

If you were, here are the following steps:

1. Format USB memory as Fat 32.
2. Copy the I386 folder from your XP install CD to the USB memory stick.
3. Copy the install files from your Partition Magic CD to your USB stick.
4. Boot your Aspire One to Windows, insert the USB memory.
5. Connect to the Internet for update files
6. Click on START, then RUN. In the command line window type (without
the quotes) “X:\i386\winnt32.exe /cmdcons” where “X” is the drive
letter of you USB stick. Most likely your XP install CD is an older
version, so if you get a warning that “The version you are trying to
install is older” ignore it and close the popup window.
7. Next click on the window that is asking you to install the Recovery
Consul. It will install an update the nessasary files form the
8. Once all done reboot the Aspire One machine to windows and choose
recovery consul.
9. When the recovery consul is loaded, type “fixmbr” (without the
quotes). You will get a warning asking you to confirm, type Y and
press enter. When done type EXIT and boot back to windows.
10. Click START => Control Panel => Administrative Tools => Computer
Management. 11. Click on Storage => Disk Management. Highlight the
Linux partitions (there should be two), right click and delete.
(Careful not to delete your windows partition.)
7. Install Partition Magic from you USB stick, run it and resize your
Windows Partition back to its original size.

– You could also delete the Linux Partitions form Partition Magic if you wish.
– Make sure to reset the MBR before deleting Linux Partitions or your
Acer Aspire One will not reboot.

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