How to Choose Baby’s Gender – Tips on Natural Methods

Posted: 18/10/2009 in Informasi dan Tips Menarik

How to Choose Baby’s Gender – Tips on Natural Methods
(bagaimana memilih jenis kelamin dengan metode alami)

Is it possible to choose baby’s gender just by using a few simple techniques? The answer is a surprising “yes.” There are several things a couple can do to increase their chances of having either a baby boy or a baby girl. If you have your heart set on a new daughter or a new son, you need to start putting a bit more time into considering what you are eating and when you are trying to conceive.

A diet that’s either high in potassium or magnesium can help if you want to choose baby’s gender. If you want to add a new son to your family eat foods that are jam packed with potassium. Some delicious choices include things like bananas, apricots and meat. You’ll want to add these foods to your diet a few weeks before you try to conceive. For couples hoping for a baby girl, the woman should up her intake of foods rich in magnesium. Some examples are spinach and black beans.

Timing is also a way you can use to choose baby’s gender. All sperm are not created equal and if you are trying to help influence Mother Nature by deciding on your baby’s gender you need to put some careful thought into when you try and conceive. For a boy the best time for lovemaking is as close to the moment of ovulation as possible, since male sperm are the quickest. For a girl you should make love a couple of days before you expect to ovulate as the female sperm have a longer life span and will already be in place when the egg is released.

Do you desperately want to choose the gender of your baby? Many couples feel the same way you do. There is a 100% guaranteed way to naturally pick the sex of your newborn. You no longer have to leave it all to fate and chance.

If you want to pick your baby’s gender in a natural and completely safe way, you can. Before you get pregnant, find out how to get the newborn that will complete your loving family.

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